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Here at Serendipity it is most important that our clients and families are most comfortable with the care we are providing. First , we start with the inquiry of care . We begin to get a better understanding of what our families are looking for from our staff. We ask a series of questions about your loved ones condition, likes ,dislikes, habit's, wants and needs to ensure we are providing what you are looking for.

Secondly,we then match up with the best of our staff, an interview with our clients in your home (preferably). This helps with the process because, not only do you get to meet the aide before start of care but more importantly you interview our staff to ensure you are comfortable with who we placed . We believe that dynamics are everything and we are providing what you are looking for in the care of your loved one. Note that the interview process if FREE and NO OBLIGATION.

Lastly ,once you have completed the interview with our staff we would like for you to call us and give us feed back. We will then move forward with any additional questions you may have then ,contact the aide and inform here that the family has chosen to pursue care. Pending the out come we always have the option of a second set of interviews.

We strive on consistency and reliability. Your loved ones are like family. Our care givers are full of compassion and understanding. Our main focus is to ensure care as a primary. We will always exhaust every effort to ensure the satisfaction of our families. Here at Serendipity Senior Companion Home care we are a small agency in which allows us to dedicate and make our clients or main focus.

Please don't hesitate to call one of our compassionate coordinators at Serendipity.

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